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The Need to Improve

Today’s businesses are in a constant struggle to improve.  Competitors come out with new products, customers always want lower prices or faster turnaround and keeping good talent is increasingly difficult.  Many companies have started their journey into continuous improvement with Lean, Six Sigma Theory of Constraints (TOC) and other methodologies.  Whatever your progress so far, it seems as if there is always more to do or worse, there has been no improvement in the bottom line.

Our Approach

To provide long lasting benefits, Raviyah T&C focuses on coaching you to understand, build and maintain your own continuous improvement efforts. Rather than coming in for a quick evaluation, training workshop or proclamation from on high of what you should be doing, we follow more of a coaching protocol: working with you to understand why you are not making better progress, setting you up and coaching you in the use of modern continuous improvement methodologies in small doses and being there for the long haul to help you with your ongoing improvement journey over the next months and years, a little bit at a time.

The 20% Solution – our secret

The secret to dramatic success is focus.  Of all of the improvements you could be making, less than 20% of them will have any real impact.  How do you know which 20%? That comes from understanding the underpinnings of how your business generates throughput.  Let us show you how the multitude of improvement methodologies have synergy when used correctly, generating significant improvements in a relatively short time.


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