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Introduction to Critical Chain Project Management

JayCriticalChainDiagram2This six hour course introduces the application of Theory of Constraints to Project Management (Critical Chain).  Learn why we need to get beyond deadlines and multi-tasking. Learn techniques to build schedules that reduce project duration by 25% and give a much more accurate understanding of when a project will finish. Material includes single project and multiple project environments, the evils of multi-tasking, buffer management through Fever Charts and how to better understand when the project will be finished.

Understanding Theory of Constraints and its impacts

JayCycleGraphocThis four hour course introduces the Theory of Constraints (TOC).  Why was it developed and how does it work.  TOC has been applied to many environments: Manufacturing, Job Shop, Project, Retail, Software, Construction, Education and more. Included in the class is an introduction to TOC Thinking Processes as well as how TOC fits with other methodologies such as Lean, Six Sigma, Agile and the Cynefin Framework.




Introduction to Lean Thinking


This ten hour course introduces the core concepts of continuous improvement based on the Toyota Production System (LEAN), Constraints Management (TOC) and Root Cause Analysis (Including Six Sigma).  Spread out over 5-7 weeks,   implementation of introductory methods and tools provide a foundation for long term, significant improvement in organization performance.

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